Relining Services

Metro West Chimney Services

Chimney Relining is an integral part of chimney maintenance. Metro West Chimney Services specializes in relining! A new, clean chimney liner protects your home from smoke and fire damage, and helps keep your chimney from getting blocked.

Flex Stainless Steel Liner Installation
When the old flue is deteriorating beyond repair, it is time to update to a liner. A stainless steel liner ensures that fire and carbon monoxide stays in the chimney and not in the home. We install Flex liners, which is the only liner in the industry to come with a lifetime warranty that stays with the chimney, transferring to the new homeowner.

Metro West Chimney Service offers warranties on all of our work! Liners, caps and other products come with their own lifetime warranties from the manufacturers as well. Metro West Chimney Service is fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

Call today for professional and reliable chimney repairs, maintenance and relining from Metro West Chimney Service.